Can You Really Transform Your Body Using Isometrics?



Yes, yes you can, I did and continue to perfect my physique over the last 7 years and people just like you can. You can turn your body form flabby and fat to ripped with real world strength with just seconds of exercise.

Wk 1 – 130lbs weakling

Wk 7 – 160lbs lean muscle

In this article I’ll show you exactly that. What’s more I’m going to share with you the pictures to prove it. (There’s more amazing pics below).

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Yeah, of course – heard it before, and I’m surprised to hear it from you, weren’t you the one always going on about analytical evidence, science based strength solutions?”

If that’s your reaction I’m delighted. It shows you’re thinking and it shows you’re reading. If you’re analysing the information out there and looking closer at what’s’ being said your well ahead of the curve. All too often people take what they are given at face value, never critically thinking about what they are being told or shown and as result they fall for all those crazy scams – like the magic berries, Chinese formula and teas and so on.

What I will show you here though is not a quick fix, and while the techniques themselves can be done quickly these are results you’ll carry for a lifetime, achieving them in the shortest time investment possible …

I’d say you as fed up as me with all these fads quick fixes and our right lies of weight loss, and muscle building as I am. Every few minutes I get another email telling me I can lose 10 lbs by the weekend, build 19 inch arms in a week if I drink this magic powder…I spend more time deleting these things than I do on an actual workout!

Just check it for yourself…open a browser and go to Google type in “lose pounds” and you’ll see all those bull crap ads – and you’ll lose pounds sure – from your wallet and not much else.  The same is true for the muscle building industry..,..just take this pill/powder/shake and it will do more for you than years in the gym!

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of this crap, and I’m sure a lot of others are too. After all the miracle diets, the magic muscle shakes, protein bars and workouts of the week, and seeing no results – people, rightly, have become cynical and jaded.  Some that email me are nearly in despair. Every new article, product and ad contradicts the last. Sadly that often means people throw out proven methods – it’s a case of throwing the baby out with the dishwater!

Despite, this I still get those email every day asking me,

How can I build muscle and strength fast? How Can I lose weight and get the body I want?

Now it’s important to note this isn’t because these people are lazy and looking for shortcuts, it’s not because they are impatient – it’s because they don’t know where to stand – with all the crap out there they honestly don’t know what to expect, what’s realistic.

I don’t blame them. It’s hard to know where you stand in getting results when the ground your thought your on is replaced every week by a new better method….than last week! These people deserve the truth and they deserve a realistic answer. What can you expect in a specific time frame?

But a word of warning before I TELL YOU – many of you will have utterly unrealistic expectations and will be disappointed. Some will be so cynical and damaged by the industry you won’t believe it and ending up selling yourself and your potential short.

The truth is in as little as 1 isometric session you’ll notice improvements, small ones, but they’ll be there – get emails everyday telling me. In 2 weeks you’ll notice inches gone on the waist, in 12 weeks people will be asking you what you are doing. You can huge dramatic changes in as little 7 weeks, and easily within in 12. There is simply no excuse for not losing a relatively large amount of body fat and building substantial muscle tissue in 12 weeks.

Regardless of if you are hugely overweight or very lean, man or woman this is true –

  • If you’re already lean (15% body fat for a man – 20% for a woman) you can get a six pack, defined and tight in just 7 weeks with just a few minutes exercise per week using isometrics.
  • If you’re average (15-25% body fat for men, 20-35% for women) you can get lean and healthy in 7 weeks or less.
  • If you’re overweight (above 25% body fat for men, about 30% women) you’ll lose so much weight and gain enough lean muscle that’ll you need to buy an entirely new wardrobe in just 7 weeks.
Why Do I Say 7 Weeks? And How Would I Know?

Your Complete Guide to Physical Perfection

For over 6 years now thousands of people have been using an Isometric system of training called 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body. If you’re unfamiliar with isometrics it is an extremely simple system of exercise that involves holding a muscle in place for just 7-12 seconds and that’s it. That’s all you need to build muscle tissue and lose body fat bringing you to your ideal body shape.

The Perfect Body course teaches you a series of very easy to learn techniques to transform your body and your health. The course is designed over 7 weeks and in that time thousands of people have built incredible foundations of new health but better still incredibly tight tones physiques.

I even did it myself – I went from being a skinny fat weakling to a lean mean muscle machine in just 7 weeks using these exact same techniques.




Wk 1 – 130lbs weakling

Wk 7 – 160lbs lean muscle

These are REAL photos showing REAL results produced in just 7 weeks, working out less than 10 minutes a day! But it didn’t stop there.

These aren’t professional studio photos designed to look like the cover of a men’s fitness magazine. These are unedited, not photo-shopped or changed in any way – (believe me if they were you wouldn’t be seeing the bed sheets of my spare bedroom drying in the background). There are no fancy camera tricks or lighting effects. These are just the ACTUAL photos my brother took of me before and after 7 weeks following the advice below….working out for less than 10 minutes a day…

Many think it is crazy that one can completely re-define the physique, burn fat, build muscle, and triple their strength in such as short space of time, but many of those following Perfect Body have documented their results, taken pictures, sent in their stories.

Those that followed the Perfect Body program transformed their physiques, and their physical abilities more than they, and everyone else thought possible.

Can You Do the Congo…cause You May be Setting the Bar Way TOO Low….

Contrary to what you may think, I don’t believe in unrealistic goals, only unrealistic deadlines. On far too many occasions I received emails from people looking to lose weight in a time frame that simply isn’t possible.

However when you apply a certain set of circumstances you can achieve beyond the typical, sometimes far beyond the typical. It is in these moments, these circumstances that people achieve those unique results that dramatically shock and give rise to even wilder imaginings. It is only in these unique circumstances that such transformation can be achieved, without them it is simply not possible.

Of course you can use these techniques to transform yourself for that brief moment, or you can maintain these principles, embed them and use them as the foundation of go health and balance your whole life.

Long term goals are vital to lifetime success, not relapsing and becoming over weight or weak again, these goals should sustain and empower you for years. However, thinking long term while crucial can be difficult to maintain. If time seems endless for a goal we can become sloppy and complacent. By setting a shorter more demanding challenge over 7 weeks it is a short enough time frame to maintain intensity and focus on your goal and long enough to produce dramatic results that will spur you onto to lifelong success.

In addition short term and even weekly and daily goals allow you to keep track, refine and perfect your techniques, setting you towards inevitable success in whatever goal you choose. A goal of driving to location a thousand miles away is daunting, near impossible if you don’t have a map, it’s easier to plot and navigate when you have direction and landmarks, with minute by minute GPS, it’s no longer a trial and simply a pleasant journey. Short term feedback, is vital to long term success.

This shortened time frame of 7 weeks is a key component of the Perfect Body Program.

Every workout, while they only take less than 5 minutes to complete become vitally important and impossible to disregard. You’re working on a clock and that means you can’t miss an opportunity to practice perfection.

  • Within the 7 Weeks you’ll see noticeable changes that will boost confidence, encourage and motivate you to long term success
  • Allows for easy progression and development with each body part given a weekly focus that stimulates both muscle growth, fat burning and mental strength
  • Provides enough time to develop habitual training – you’ll never need to schedule or find time to train after the program – it will be an ingrained habit, by passing the need to constantly re-motivate yourself, though the delight in results will do that anyway…

So What Can YOU Achieve in Just 7 Weeks?

According to conventional methodology you can lose about 1-2lbs per week of fat (about 0.5% body fat) and build perhaps 0.25 – 0.5 lbs of muscle a week if you’re working hard. However this is relative. If you’ve a lot of weight to lose for instance you’ll probably average 3 lbs.

And that’s what I’d tell you, you can typically expect to lose or build following Perfect Body…however….

The truth is if you apply yourself, follow the right nutritional program, and practice consistency in just 7 weeks you can achieve those above average results – all you need to do is set up the right conditions and stick with it. But I don’t know what you’ll accomplish, I don’t know if you can take it, can apply yourself even for a short time like 7 weeks….but if you can…and it’s not that hard…it’s less than 5 minutes a day….maybe you could be like the thousands that have done this –

Maybe YOU can be like them…

Proof you Can Transform Your Physique Using Isometrics

Let me first introduce you to Chris…

Now that’s one heck of a transformation.



I’m totally not where my ultimate goal is, but when you see these pics side by side, I think you’ll agree with me…HOLY CRAP! Is that the same dude? And I can tell you that in many ways it is, but in many great and awesome ways…it isn’t. I’ve learned a heck of a lot in the last few years and I can tell you for sure…I’m a much better man, a much better, human being now…inside and out! Thanks to those of you who have supported me through all the tough times and struggles! Your words and actions have not gone un-noticed nor unappreciated! I love you all like family. Now…ONWARD TO THE GOAL!!!!!

P.S. No gym membership required! Special Shout out to Batman O’Brien across the pond! Your isometric knowledge made this possible, Bro!

Now let me introduce to Jarell..

Ripped and Muscular

Mass Maximised

This is the exemplification perfect muscle balance in a lean ripped Bruce Lee like body. The muscle isolation and definition is stunning. A wide v-tapered back, toned muscular arms and chest, chiselled abs and not a shred of unneeded fat highlights the results achieved with Perfect Body.

Jarell and I began corresponding in early Jan of this year when he emailed me asking me to finish some of my articles on Isometrics and the martial arts and asking me to clarify some aspects of isometrics contraction. Little did I know that I would be writing lengthy responses to his insightful questions on isometrics every week or 2!

Jarell’s passion for isometric training and his consistency in using these techniques have produced staggering results.  Unlike Chris who was losing weight, Jarell was desperate to add it. As he relates..

Testimonial: Gains 16lbs of lean muscle!

“I was 143 lbs at 10% body weight.  I am now still at 10% body weight, and I weigh 159 lbs.  I have gained 16 lbs of muscle so far from doing your exercises.  I feel as adept as a Shaolin martial artist, with laser vision to boot :)”

And while Jarell was getting incredible results, adding 16lbs of muscle to his frame and developing a devastating Bruce Lee like physique, he was so enthused he shared his passion for isometrics, and in doing so transformed not just his own body – but other people’s lives….

I have an aunt that I am staying with for a week.  She has pain all over her body and in her joints.  I am suggesting your exercises to her; I did some of your exercises with her yesterday, and she says that she hasn’t felt this good since her 30’s (she’s in her 50’s).  She will hopefully continue to lose weight, because she has planned to have surgery for her bones to aid her osteoporosis in April.  My hope is that the exercises will do enough benefit by then to convince her to cancel the surgery.  I said all of that to say, I greatly appreciate the exercises that you promote, because they not only inspire people to live healthier lifestyles, but can completely turn a person’s life around for the better.  I sincerely thank you.

Followed by this update just 10 days later…

My aunt has already lost 2 inches off of her waist, and has basically mentioned your website or system to everyone she’s called 🙂


And with that in mind, let me introduce you to Catherine…

Catherine was not in great shape at the start of her isometric journey. As you can see in the picture above she was substantially overweight with most of her fat hanging over the belly, bum and thighs. Catherine took action and followed the Perfect Body plan over 7 weeks.  In doing so she lost over 14lbs in fat, and 7 INCHES off here waist line, creating a shapely lightly toned abdomen, perfect for the bikini season.

Catherine credits her transformation to isometrics, saying physique transformation is NOT about perfection, it’s about being PERSISTENT. As such she makes it a point to start each day with her isometrics, ensuring that whatever else the day may bring she’s already succeeded in her health and fitness goals.

These are just some of the hundreds of testimonials I receive a month, each illustrating the effectiveness of the Perfect Body program – it’s worked for them, and it can work for you….

How to do this yourself!

Now, pay close attention, because I’m about to tell you exactly what to do if you want the same beyond typical results you see in the photos above.

There are certain things each of these people and the thousands of others that have transformed their physiques have done in common – these 5 things  that each of the these people applied resulted in their shocking transformations and achieve more in 7 weeks than most will do in a year.

  • Scientifically Validated System – All of these amazing physiques were achieved using scientific principles that work for everyone. There was no gym myth here, no magic formula there – they followed what worked – 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body. Simple, efficient and devastatingly effective.
  • Super Support – I personally answered any and all questions these people have, in fact that’s something I offer at NO charge to all Perfect Body trainees. I support you every step of the way and answer any questions about the program for you – where else do you get a free personal trainer?
  • Awesome Accountability – each of these people had set goals that inspired them, not just to short term success, but long term achievement.
  • Objective Feedback – tracking results, having photos and keeping their eye on the prize ensured they stayed true to their commitments and achieved their goals.
  • Consistent Application – Each of these Perfect Body’s applied themselves consistently, day in day out to their goals be it in their training and nutrition – they put in the work, kept at it and achieved awesomeness.

If you do the same you can achieve the same, act beyond the typical and achieve beyond typical results.

Living a Lifestyle of Success

This isn’t just a 7 weeks system. This is a life system. After the 7 weeks you’ll have made a huge difference in your health and appearance, that’s undeniable. But what then? Go back to the way you were before? Over weight, underweight, flabby or weak? Why? I think not, this is an introduction to a new way of living, a new way of being.

You see something astonishing happens with the achievement of your goals that Perfect Body teaches, you build new ones. You want more, you can push yourself beyond what you thought was possible and overcome the challenges you set for yourself, you begin to live for those challenges.

You can reach your physical goals, you can reach your physique and strength goals in 7 weeks, by which stage the habit of isometric exertion is built into you, it energises you, fuels you to greater achievement outside of just the body transformation – because with that body you can live a more remarkable life, capable of seizing the opportunities presented to you – because you’re always ready.

This is a lifelong adventure and a system that will provide you with guidance and direction every day.

I’ll Make it Easy to Start

Everything you need to make drastic, faster than average changes to your physique and your health is in the Perfect Body Program, including a previously unreleased 49 day, day-by-day isometric exercise guide. All you have to do is print of the pdf list and follow it. It couldn’t be easier.

Perfect Body is an ebook – designed so you can follow along on your computer, (you can actually do the vast majority of these techniques, sitting down!). It’s downloadable so you get instant access and can start training today!

You can do so much better than you are doing now, you have the potential and with Perfect body you have the step by step system. With just SECONDS of isometric exercise, you can reach your body shape and health goals in a record time, weeks and even months faster than typical.

You can order the Perfect Body Program right now, direct on the secure order page by clicking the link below:

Or….You can learn even more about the program on the home page – watch displays of staggering strength, and read more firsthand reports from people using the system today, including more stunning transformation  pictures – HERE –


Best Regards,



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